ProjectHub helps clients get the right work done. We believe in positive customer experiences, product innovation, and quality software development. Values matter to us. We bring our real self to work and live out our values - trust, teamwork, and accountability.

What We Do

ProjectHub offers professional project management and business analysis consulting services to help companies develop and deliver useful working software into the hands of their customers, as well as plan and execute on digital transformation initiatives to help companies achieve their strategic business objectives.  


We're great at helping companies with:

  • Project Management
  • Program Management
  • Project Portfolio Management
  • Business Analysis
  • Software Development
  • Project Coaching and System Training

Who We Are

·        At ProjectHub, we are enablers, facilitators, change champions, trusted advisors, and problem solvers.

·        We understand that success is in the details. We notice things that others don't. Our critical thinking skills help to inform our decision making. We believe in data-driven decision making.

·        We embrace and champion change. We continuously learn, evolve our thinking and the way we work, in order to deliver our best.

·        We understand that influence makes an impact. We know that relationships and networks are essential to success. We inspire outcomes by listening effectively, understanding what is required, and making ourselves heard by offering our thoughts and recommendations.

·        We are driven by collective success. We know that collaboration can transform a good idea into a great one. We understand the power of an inclusive team that enjoys working together to bring a shared vision to life.

How We Succeed

      1.      Project Management Expertise: 

      We have over 20 years of software development and project delivery experience leading small to multi-million dollar projects, programs, and portfolios. We have extensive experience with various tools, techniques, and frameworks for planning, organizing, monitoring, controlling, and delivering projects successfully. We have delivered both IT and Business projects in various industries including Banking, FinTech, Insurance and Technology. 

      2.      Stakeholder Management: 

      We establish and maintain positive stakeholder relationships with demonstrated abilities to advise and influence senior executives, management teams, and project teams, within an organization or high profile clients outside the organization. Collaborative partnership is part of our agile mindset.

      3.      Creative Problem Solving: 

      We have demonstrated ability to thrive in ambiguity, understand business context quickly and connect the dots. We are comfortable operating at a strategic level and also driving into detail as needed. Continuous improvement is part of our DNA.

      4.   People Change Management: 

      We identify all in-scope stakeholders and understand the change requirements. We leverage people change management activities in an efficient manner to ensure business adoption for critical projects. Our key focus areas include leadership engagement and user adoption supported through robust communication and training plans.

     5.   We Work Smarter:

      Our mantra at ProjectHub is “work smarter”, and we live it out every day. We have an agile mindset that drives us to maximize productivity and get the right work done. We optimize productivity for ourselves and your team, strengthening our ability to:

  • Do work that really matters
  • Prioritize what’s important over what’s urgent
  • Sharpen focus on the task at hand and the bigger picture
  • Organize work, stay on track more and get derailed less
  • Get the most out of each and every meeting
  • Become invaluable to the organization

Our Logo

The ProjectHub logo is a 'P' and 'H' monogram that incorporates an up arrow pointing towards the top right.


The minimalistic design is simple and fresh, suitable for emerging high-tech consulting companies. The blue color represents calm, control, logic, honesty, intelligence, security, purity, freedom, and confidence.


In the metaphysical world, the arrow is an expression of movement, direction, and speed. The arrow pointing towards the top right denotes positive forward progress and growth.

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